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!! Read this thread before posting !!

The board supports attaching images (.jpeg, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif) as well as videos (.webm, .mp4) up to 2,500 kb. Videos can also be embedded directly from youtube.com, vimeo.com, and dailymotion.com.

The point of CyborgChan is a cultural enforcement of anonymous discussion. Any personally distinguishable information that breaks the anonymous character of the board, such as gender revealing ("femanon here"), Discord tag sharing, or tripfagging (using tripcodes as usernames across threads to build notoriety) is discouraged, and will be cleaned up on sight. This is considered a sitewide rule (https://cyborgchan.net/rules.html).

CyborgChan additionally employs vichan's implementation of the original Robot9000 algorithm: making a post that's too similar to previously-posted content will trigger an automatic mute for 2^x seconds, where "x" is 1 + the total amount of previous mutes you've acquired. Unlike 4chan's /r9k/ board, CyborgChan's robot does not ever forget content that's been posted before. It will, however, forget mutes that are over 48 hours old (this puts the maximum possible mute time at just over 36 hours).

Aside from those two caveats, anything that would be allowed on 4chan.org/r9k/ is allowed on /c9k/. Illegal content will be taken down, and I strongly encourage you to report it (checkbox next to post), but this is otherwise a very lightly moderated board.

For those interested in an identical board where NSFW content isn't allowed, visit >>>/sfw/.

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QANON Counter Intel Drop#4 Fake Pizza

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being a neet and not having any interests is mind numbingly boring. i legit daydream all day or keep refreshing the same few boards. i feel like my brain is rotting. i havent worked out in ages and bit by bit even my body is showing signs of degradation. life is one hell of a drag.
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I made this thread almost 20 days ago. Still haven't made any changes. I feel so annoyed with myself. All talk no action. Pathetic!!


You can do it op! I believe in you!


thanks anon. i think i am done with sitting around. cant take it anymore.


File: 1649422085000.jpg (425.55 KB, 1079x1083) ImgOps Google iqdb SauceNao

Find anything to do other than sit and stare into a glowing rectangle?


not yet anon. idk what i am doing.

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Maybe some of you have seen it. Elon tweeted yesterday and the tweet was quickly deleted. Looking at the nft pointed out by Elon, it doesn't look very institutional (pridecatsnft). Actually the price is very cheap. I have only one question in mind. Was it an accident or an alpha leak? What are you thinking?

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QANON Counter Intel Drop#3 Mines Bigger Than Yours

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See you over at frenschan.org

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Is a community where they can take the 2dpill and worship there waifus no we are not incels we do not jerk to 3dpd or is desperate for a girlfriend/wife feel free to lurk or come join our community and get to learn more and make some friends you are not alone anon

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post sum funnys pls


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